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QuiltFest Entry

The 2022 AAQG QuiltFest entry process will open June 1, 2022 for Austin Area Quilt Guild members. Non-members are able to enter one quilt starting July 1, 2022.

We encourage every guild member to enter 1 to 4 quilts to be judged or for display only to help showcase the diverse talents of the our quilters and to meet the AAQG QuiltFest objectives:

  • Promote and encourage appreciation of fine quilts and the art of quilt making;
  • Educate the public as to the significance and history of quilt making as an art form;
  • Present to the general public the finest examples of traditional and contemporary quilts ;
  • Provide members an opportunity to exhibit their quilts and be judged (optional) for excellence in quilt design and craftsmanship through the presentation of awards based on qualified and impartial judging; and,
  • Raise revenue to support the functions of the guild.

We are limiting the number of entries to 425, so enter early.

For more info please email the Entry Coordinators at

QuiltFest Procedures

The Quilt Show Procedures explain all the rules for entering the show including categories, sizes and other requirements.

Click here to view QuiltFest Procedures >>

What you need before starting the entry process

  • Quilt Dimensions: Measure your quilt (height and width) in inches.
  • Your AAQG member number (if a member). This can be found on your membership card or by logging into and clicking on "View Profile" next to your name on the homepage
  • A digital photograph of your quilt in jpg, jpeg, gif, png, bmp, pdf, png, or heic (apple) formats. Click QuiltFest Procedures to see tips for a successful entry photo.
  • Detailed information about your quilt design source (if you used one).
  • Review the Quilt Sizes and Categories to determine which Category best suits your quilt.  

Enter Your Quilt

Quilt entry is now closed.

Important Dates
June 1, 2022 Entry open to members
July 1, 2022 Entry open to non members
July 30, 2022 Entry Deadline for members and non members

Quilts will be accepted first come, first served until the 425 limit is reached.

AAQG members may enter 1 to 4 quilts. The member entry fee is $15 per quilt. Non members may enter one quilt and the entry fee is $45.

Appraisal:  You can request that your quilt be appraised while it is at the show by Marcia Kaylakie, certified appraiser. The fee is $65 and is paid at check out.

Your AQQG membership must be current to enter quilts at member rate.  To Join or Renew, click here.

You only have to have your quilt entered by July 30, 2022. Your quilt does not have to be finished until Sept 19, 2022. The photograph you submit can be taken of your quilt in progress, as long as enough is complete that it shows the major design elements. For tips on taking a good show entry photo, see the Quilt Show Procedures

Entries can be submitted in two ways, however, entering online is the best way to ensure that your entry has been received because you will receive immediate confirmation.

Online Entry
Online entry must be submitted by July 30, 2022. Your entry fee can be paid online using PayPal (which accepts credit cards).

Please report any problems or comments about the online entry form to the Entry Coordinator.


Mail-In Entry
All elements required to enter QuiltFest 2022 (entry form, photo and payment) must be RECEIVED by July 30, 2022. Please allow ample time for postal delivery. Entries received after July 30, 2022 will NOT be accepted. Mail paper copy of this form to QuiltFest 2022 Entries, P.O. Box 5757, Austin TX 78763.

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