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Austin Area Quilt Guild

The Austin Area Quilt Guild (AAQG) was founded in 1978 and is dedicated to preserving the heritage of quilting and promoting excellence and education in the art of quilt-making. AAQG is a non-profit corporation and membership is open to anyone with an interest in quilting; no actual quilting experience is necessary. AAQG is headquartered in Austin, TX.

The AAQG general membership meeting is held the first Monday night of the month, unless a holiday interferes and the meeting is delayed, usually until the second Monday. The meeting is held at Faith Lutheran Church located at 6600 Woodrow, Austin, TX. Non-members are invited to attend twice as guests before joining.

Show and Tell starts at 6:45 p.m. If you have made a quilt, wall hanging, quilted clothing, acquired a quilt, or have anything connected with quilting that you want to share, this is the time to do it.

The business meeting begins at 7:00 p.m. or when Show and Tell ends. Old and new business is discussed at the meeting, then the program follows. Many of our programs feature nationally recognized quilt teachers and speakers.

At the general meeting you may check out books from the library, turn-in or pick-up baby bundles, sign-up for workshops, purchase raffle tickets, perhaps win a door prize or just come visit.

From time to time, we will schedule a morning meeting which starts with Show and Tell at 10:00 AM. Watch for these morning meetings, especially if you can't attend in the evening. Usually, the speaker for the evening will also speak in the morning, sometimes on a different subject. You may attend both meetings.

Upcoming Events:

December 1, 2014:    ''From Educator to Fiber Artist - A Sentimental Journey'' with Christine Parker

         Time: 6:45 pm Show and Tell, 7:00 pm meeting

    Christine traveled the United States for several years as a Creative Consultant for a major sewing machine company. She was a certified Jenny Haskins instructor as well as a featured artist at a major national quilt show, before becoming an independent sewing instructor.

    Her stylish jackets have been featured in the Pacific International Quilt Festival 2006 and 2008 Fashion Show and the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival Fashion Show, February, 2007. Christine’s “Roses for Mary” jacket was featured in Jenny Haskins’ Creative Expressions Magazine, issue #11, 2006. Her incredible art-to-wear jackets have also traveled with the Jenny Haskins’ Creative School of Inspiration across the United States. One of her jackets traveled with the 2006 Hoffman Fabric Challenge.

    Although she is a perfectionist, Christine firmly believes that sewing should be fun and is dedicated to support the renewed interest in the home sewing industry.

    Her sewing interests lay in the creative aspect of clothing construction and adding design elements to ready-to-wear. She also enjoys creating wonderful accessories for the home. In the process of teaching how to create unique jackets or home-dec accessories, she shows how color and fabric combine to make a “wow” garment or home-dec item. Using the sewing machine as an artistic tool, she teaches how its built-in stitches, embroidery software, feet, and other sewing techniques combine to make sewing or quilting truly "relaxation therapy". Christine likes the quote from Clotilde, “Notions are not gadgets, but sewing tools’.

    For workshops with this speaker: http://www.aaqg.org/html/workshops.php

January 5, 2015:    ''From the Beginning'' with Karen K. Buckley

         Time: 10:00 AM

January 5, 2015:    ''From the Beginning'' with Karen K. Buckley

         Time: 6:45 pm Show and Tell, 7:00 pm meeting

February 2, 2015:    ''The Beauty of the Southwest'' with Michelle Watts

         Time: 6:45 pm Show and Tell, 7:00 pm meeting


Guild Mailing Address:
Austin Area Quilt Guild
P.O. Box 5757
Austin, Tx 78763
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